It is a large but important endeavor, with more than $500 billion in value at stake. The success and sustainability of one of the planet’s oldest industries might well depend on this technology transformation, and those that embrace it at the outset may be greatest positioned to thrive in agriculture’s connectivity-driven future. Regardless of which group drives the mandatory funding for connectivity in agriculture, no single entity will be ready to go it alone. All of these advances would require the industry’s main actors to embrace collaboration as an important aspect of doing business. For instance, knowledge gathered by autonomous tractors ought to seamlessly move to the pc controlling irrigation devices, which in flip ought to be able to use weather-station information to optimize irrigation plans. Advanced connectivity does, however, give new players a chance to enter the house.

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A new category of AI—including generative AI, massive language models and foundation models—is changing into table stakes for any enterprise operating in tomorrow’s market. With the sheer quantity of information and insights needed to drive solutions for the problems enterprises face, enterprise leaders will want to lean on the total capabilities of next-generation AI. For years the guiding pillar of enterprise innovation has been taking processes, even entire elements of the organization, and digitizing them.

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